Holly is a certified holistic practitioner and emotional healing specialist. 

She specializes in inner wellness and removing all sources of internal stress.  Holly helps establish healthy mindsets and emotional states, which positively affect the overall health of the body,  mind, and spirit.

        She is THE leading resource in Santa Barbara for alternative healing methods and energetic medicine.  She uses cutting edge bioresonance therapies to help people heal from negative emotions, negative memories, false beliefs, and traumas.  

Holly’s holistic methods are the most accurate and effective methods for identifying and addressing the underlying causes of negativity and stress, in the quickest and easiest way possible.

        Holly has combined her experience as a certified counselor,  her background in ministry, and expertise in alternative healing techniques, into a holistic approach to ultimate wellness.    Holly believes that God is the source of all healing and that she is an instrument, pointing the way and sharing the keys to being well and living well.

       Holly has an MA in Clinical Counseling, is an ILP. Certified Holistic Practitioner, and is a Certified Inner Healing and Deliverance Minister.

Holly has been married for over twenty years and has four amazing daughters.  She loves the outdoors and enjoys surfing and skiing with her family.