How Trauma Affects the Mind – Part 3

Freedom and Restoration are available to all who transform fear based beliefs into truth and love

Have you ever had an irrational aversion to someone or something, without a logical reason?

I have always hated doctors and have tried to avoid them, ever since I can remember.  As a kid, my parents often had to chase me down the hall after I had tried to run out of the room and escape my check up.  There was no logical reason for my fear of doctors and regardless of how many times my parents tried to convince me that doctors were good, I believed that all doctors were mean and wanted to hurt me.  When I got older, my mom told me that I had severe chollic when I was a baby. It turns out that I had to undergo a series of unpleasant medical tests and procedures to treat this condition and my irrational fear and negative beliefs I had about doctors, were related to that traumatic experience as a baby.  Subconsciously, I formed a belief that all doctors were “bad, scary people,” and were never to be trusted. I also made the decision that I was not going to suscept myself to them and vowed to keep myself away from them.

How Does Trauma Affect the Mind?

3)  Negative beliefs are formed

Beliefs are established, based on our experience, and on our perception of the event. The beliefs we form, when extremely distressed, may be false or may only have been true momentarily.  These negative beliefs serve as hindrances later. Many of them become established in our belief system, even though they are falsehooods and may affect our future decisions and how we choose to live life.  A false belief is an internal source of stress, based in fear and serves to avoid something. If allowed to continue they actually rob joy and freedom, cause mental and emotional exhaustion, and may ultimately lead to physical problems in the body.  

Are your beliefs based on fear or rooted in love?

The best selling book ever written, the Bible, has said this all along.  One of the most famous prayers written in it says, I pray that you would be rooted and established in love.”

Fear based beliefs, established in the subconscious mind, are a source of stress.  We are not designed to carry fear or false beliefs and they hinder our true identity and and true capabilities, ultimately robbing abundant life, and keep us from experiencing love.

           4) Vows are made in hopes of avoiding future pain and trauma

It is common to make a life altering decision, in response to a trauma, without realizing that those decisions are causing more bondage and more stress.  For instance, after a terrible divorce, someone may vow to never get married again.  The truth is, this kind of vow may rob them of meaningful relationships in the future, and choosing  a lonely life over possible heart break.

After a traumatic event, the subconscious mind will store the emotions, the images, and the related beliefs, and fulfill the vows made, in order to ensure that you never have to experience such a stressful situation in the future.  In an attempt to protect you, your subconscious mind will begin to compare other life situations to the trauma, looking through a trauma lens to make sure you stay far away from any any situation that even remotely resembles that trauma.

An example of this is a young child who is bit by a dog.  The child often still has a fear of dogs when they get older, even though this was only a one time occurrence and they have been introduced to many friendly dogs.  Their subconscious mind has stored the emotions, perhaps an image of the mean dog, and beliefs about dogs, to keep them from every having to experience such a negative circumstance again.  No matter how many nice and friendly dogs others try to bring their way, their minds will not let go of the fearful emotions, images, and beliefs related to dogs.

Living in truth and functioning in the present in love, regardless of past circumstances, is life giving and health to the soul!

Transformation of negative beliefs and vows made during trauma,  brings incredible relief, freeing the mind and body to heal and recover.  

It’s time to let freedom and restoration occur!

Published by

Holly Malmsten

I am a certified holistic practitioner. I have eight years of experience as a certified counselor, with a master's degree in clinical counseling. My highest aim in my health practice is to facilitate healing and freedom to thrive. My intent, as a transformational leader in alternative healing methods, is to assist and coach others who are searching for emotional healing and internal transformation and provide strategies for all who desire to live be well and live well.

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