How Trauma Affects the Spirit – part 2

… And 4 Simple Powerful Steps in a New Direction

We are designed to function in wholeness – body, mind, and spirit. However, a trauma that completely overwhelms you at your core can leave you disassociated. The simple explanation is that your spirit has the unique ability to disconnect from the mind and body.

Wholeness? What Does this mean?

Wholeness is the body, mind, and spirit working together in harmony, fully connected and present.   

When disconnected for a long period of time, you are vulnerable and fragile. It is impossible for the body to function correctly or the subconscious mind to process efficiently while fragmented.   

The Human Spirit? What?

The human spirit, is the deepest part of your being; your core; the true authentic you.

Your spirit contains your true identity without the fears, doubts, and hindrances that exist in your mind.

What does your spirit do?

Your spirit loves. Your spirit connects with other people. Your spirit receives and experiences love.  Your spirit’s main function is to connect to God, the source of life.

What is your spirit like?

The human spirit is very soft and tender because of the enormous capacity it has to be loved and to love. This is the greatest quality, but also the greatest vulnerability.

What happens to the spirit under the impact of trauma?

The spirit responds naturally and automatically to major stress with the self- preserving act of dissociation.

Your spirit may dissociate, and remain disconnected until the overwhelming impact of the trauma has passed.  Your self-preserving spirit has the ability to remain “checked out,” until the mind and body are in a healthier state and have the bandwidth to begin to heal and restore.

Remember, the disconnected spirit separated from the fear, trauma, and internal stress triggered in the mind and body. Your spirit is preserved and stands by patiently to lead the recovery and rebuilding process

This ability of the human spirit to disconnect and “check out,” is one of the most incredible attributes of the human being.  I believe this is a God-given mechanism. We have been designed with hard wiring for making it through and overcoming adversity.

Amazing as this overcoming hard-wiring is, it can be exhausting and waring on the mind and body to live disconnected for too long.   

A principle of human design is, “whatever you don’t use, you lose.” For instance, if you injure a leg, and are not able to use that leg for a while, it will atrophy and become weak. A spirit that is inactive for a long time atrophy’s and becomes malnourished, and loses spiritual muscle and strength.

What a Conundrum!  

Strength and courage to face adversity and to triumph actually flow from the human spirit. If the spirit is disconnected, the flow of love, hope, faith, and strength are cut off. There is a break in the pipeline, so to speak and the dormant spirit is unable to release the ideal supply of life and strength to the rest of your being.

So, What to Do?

.  give your spirit permission to reconnect and be present. The good news is that you have the power, with an act of your will, to do this.   

.  Acknowledge, and welcome your spirit back with love.

. Care for your emaciated spirit and give it the care it needs.  

.  surround yourself with loving and supporting relationships.  Loving relationships can supplement the strength you don’t have on your own.

How to do it?

I have packaged the answer in 4 simple powerful steps:  These steps are most likely different than what you expect.  They are steps to take on the inside; steps that lead you away from paralyzing attitudes, defeating mindsets,  and the dread of negative expectations.

Personal statements are included. Declare them out loud over yourself.  The sound waves and resonance of your voice is a way to set the healing patterns of restoration and triumph in motion.

4 Simple Powerful Steps to Re-engage and Reactivate Your Spirit:

1) Desire – Swap out dread for desire.  When you truly feel the desire to heal and move forward then go for it. You don’t have to dread pain. Make the switch with a true desire to recover.

Statement – ” I desire to take the first step and move toward healing and recovery.”

2) Will – Utilize your free will to make a positive direction change.  Your own will has a powerful influence over yourself and the direction you take. Just being willing to move in the direction of healing and recovery, shifts you into healing mode on the inside, where your spirit can thrive.

Statement – “I am willing to move toward healing and recovery.”

3) Choose – This is when the miracle happens on the inside.  Everyone has the responsibility and the privilege of choosing to heal and move forward. Making this one positive decision to move forward transforms your inner atmosphere into an ideal place for your spirit to re-engage, reactive, and take the lead for your healing process. Your spirit is eager to rise to this occasion.

Statement – ” I chose today, to move forward, to heal, and to recover.”

4) Pray – Prayer exercises your spirit and quickly gets builds it back up.

Prayer – “I ask that the love, life, and light of God flow to every area of my mind and body that were traumatized, strengthen and nurture my emaciated and spirit that has been inactive and disconnected, and fully reconnect my spirit.

Your internal environment is now ideal for the spirit to return and reconnect.  You may experience noticeable changes. A person functioning in wholeness will be able to face and get through the healing and recovery process and come out the other side of adversity because they will have what it takes.

Please leave your comments and let me know your experiences with taking these steps.  I love to hear about anything healing related. My hope and prayer is to help as many people as possible heal and live well.

Published by

Holly Malmsten

I am a certified holistic practitioner. I have eight years of experience as a certified counselor, with a master's degree in clinical counseling. My highest aim in my health practice is to facilitate healing and freedom to thrive. My intent, as a transformational leader in alternative healing methods, is to assist and coach others who are searching for emotional healing and internal transformation and provide strategies for all who desire to live be well and live well.

3 thoughts on “How Trauma Affects the Spirit – part 2

  1. Hi Holly
    A lovely and appropriate article. I’m a middle-aged woman and yet I still (or my mind chooses) think about the days I was heavily bullied when I was school. I am constantly haunted by this. You would have thought that I would get over this by now! In recent years I have taken up with meditation to help relieve me of these traumas and plus other things such as self-confidence, manifesting etc., but I still am overwhelmed by negativity and my past trauma.

    Can your powerful steps to re-engage and activate also incorporate meditation?


    1. Absolutley! Meditation is a great tool to add to the healing process. It’s important for the meditation to hit the right target. There is a correct focus for meditaion ​that produces results. It is not random. The 4 steps in my post are steps to start walking in the right direction. There are many tools and strategies to add to your healing journey.

      Liked by 1 person

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