The Truth About Trauma

  Just as usual, I leave work, to pick my kids up from school. I am sitting at a stoplight in my minivan, waiting for the light to turn green, when all of a sudden, I hear a loud noise and my car feels like it is being folded like a taco,  between two cars.

   “ I don’t know what happened, it all happened so fast.”  

Does this sound familiar? We have all experienced these moments, when something happened so fast,  that it’s difficult to recall what exactly happened. Maybe this car accident experience sounds familiar, or perhaps there were different sudden, shocking circumstances that were much more extreme.   

    The reason why it’s hard to remember the details of what happened, is because biological processes in the body react immediately and automatically to stress, before the brain can even consciously realize what has taken place.  This collection of processes are known as the stress response.   

       Normally,  the stress response turns off after realizing that the threat is over, and all is well and safe. However,  extremely threatening situations with high levels of distress may have an impact at such a level, that our whole being, the body, the mind, and  the spirit, may become overwhelmed all at the same time. This is Trauma.  A trauma may be physical or emotional, but either way, the effects are the same.

In a prolonged state of trauma, safety and wellbeing are unrecognizable, and the automatic stress response switch stays on.

My desire is to shed some light on the massive impact that  trauma has on the body, mind, and the spirit, and the truth about why it’s really difficult to just bounce back.

The whole person, must be attended and treated in order to fully recover from trauma.

    Join me in my series, The Truth About Trauma, to understand  the effects of trauma on the  body, mind, and spirit. Learn how the stress response can be turned off and how to heal from traumatic imprints and trapped traumatic emotions.  Human beings are miraculously designed and hardwired to overcome adversity. With the right keys, anyone can heal, restore, and transform a trauma into a beautiful story of perseverance, strength, and victory, and arise as an overcomer.   View More: