My Favorite Health Products For Immune Support

My Secret Obsession

I have to be honest, about 10 yrs ago I became obsessed with health products. I started researching, studying, learning about them, and testing and trying every new supposedly life changing supplements and products. I have spent way too much money, stayed up way too late many a night reading and studying the latest products, and have personally tried and tested just about every high quality supplement and products out there.

I did not do this because I was interested in selling these products, getting involved in the supplement industry, or because this was my area of expertise. I invested my time, money, energy, and used my own body as a trial because:

  1. I wanted to keep my family healthy and take a preventative stance against health problems
  2. I believed natural health remedies were trustworthy
  3. We had terrible health coverage that did not cover much except for catastrphoc incidents and so we NEVER went to the Dr.
  4. I just love finding solutions and natural health alternatives
  5. I wanted to prevent diseases, disorders, and keep our bodies as strong as possible
  6. I wanted to be able to recommend supplements and products to my clients. Often depression, anxiety, and emotional issues have a physiological component and nutritional deficiencies can be a factor. Resupplying the the body with the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrition can have a positive affect on mental and emotional issues

So Where Did This Path Take Me?

So, now I have quite an extensive list of natural supplements, powders, products, essential oils, and natural remedies for just about any health issue or condition that exists.

I constantly suggest them to friends, family members, and clients. In fact, I have annoyed my own family by always talking about the latest alternative health product that I just recently discovered.

So, I Have to Share My Insight!

About a year ago, I ordered a bundle of Shaklee products. My daughter was having some stomach issues and an alternative health practitioner that I took her to, tested her for deficiencies and found out that she was defficient in some key nutrients. She also tested my daughter for which supplements would work the best for her, and my daughter tested positive for Shaklee vitamin B. My health practitioner suggested several different Shaklee supplements that we ordered and began using right away. Within 1 week, my daughter’s stomach issues disappeared, and I started taking the supplements as well. I ended up also purchasing their natural cleaning products and laundry detergent because my other daughter had a lot of allergies and I read that toxic cleaners and laundry soap can worsen allergies because they overload the immune system.

My family started taking the Shaklee chewable vitamin C’s and the multi-vitamins for men and women about a year ago. I was so thankful that we already had these at home when the world wide virus hit because Shaklee ran out pretty fast.

I do not sell Shaklee, but I am on the mailing list and have tried and researched a lot of their products. I was so excited when I recently received an email about their backordered products that would be available soo. I did not realize that Shaklee had disinfecting wipes and germicide spray. I have not been able to find any kind of wipes or disinfecting spray anywhere, not even on Amazon. I have been reluctant to even try to buy the common cleaning wipes that are available in the stores because of their toxicity. The toxic chemicals that are in the common cleaning wipes, while they do kill germs and bacteria acutally weaken the immune system. That is the last thing we need right now, to be locked inside our houses with toxic chemicals on all of our surfaces and floors.

I Was So Excited!

So, I will be ordering Shaklee’s cleaning wipes and their disinfecting spray. I am so thankful to find these. I also want to convey the importance of taking a Vitamin C for immune system support, but not just any Vitamin C. It has to be a high quality one with natural, organic ingredients, that have never been exposed to any toxins. Shaklee is trustworthy and guarantees their supplements to be in purest form.

The Email From Shaklee – Just Had to Share

Dear Shaklee family,

I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well and able to enjoy the beauty of Spring outdoors.

Social distancing is a sacrifice of care, especially for the more vulnerable, and to everyone who is complying, thank you!  

It’s especially important to build health and fortify ourselves now with good diet and lifestyle choices.  Many of you are doing that, I’m sure. It is evident from our backorder situation.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. Demand has been unprecedented due to COVID-19.

Below is a list that shows availability dates for backordered products and at risk items. Shaklee is ramping up production to make these quality items available. Our shipping facility hours have been expanded and we have hired more employees to catch up with the demand while ensuring employee safety. Thank you for your patience, as your shipments might be delayed two or three days. We expect to have everything all caught up by the end of April.

I recommend putting in your order now to place yourself in line to get Shaklee’s powerful immunity support and disinfecting and cleaning products shipped to you as soon as they are available.  Basic G is CDC-approved to be effective against COVID-19.

At this time there is a limit of 10 per month per account for products that are essential to this crisis to ensure everyone gets a supply. If your order does not go through, lowering the quantity might do the trick.


  • Basic-H® 5-Gallon #00042 – Availability is expected 4/3/20.
  • Basic-G® Germicide Spray Bottle #50531 – Availability is expected 4/15/20.
  • Germ Off Disinfectant Wipes #00322 – Availability is expected 4/16/20.
  • Defend & Resist Complex #20613 – Availability is expected 4/17/20.
  • NutriFeron® #20962 – Availability is expected 4/17/20.
  • Zinc Complex #20411 – Availability is expected 4/28/20.
  • Garlic Complex #20084 – Availability is expected 4/30/20.
  • Chewable Vita-C® #20096 – Availability is expected 5/22/20.
  • Immunity Formula I #20241 – Availability is expected 5/29/20.
  • Basic-G® Germicide #00525 – Availability is expected 5/29/20.

I have shared the link below. Get your order in now to make sure you are taking preventative actions, reducing exposure to toxins, and get safe and natural cleaning products that are proven to kill COVD-19

Stay healthy, safe, and utilize this pause well.

Healthy Morning Habbit

1 habit every aspiring healed, free, and thriving individual should cultivate

What do healed, whole, and thriving individuals fully functioning in their true identity  do every morning… that others don’t? 

A weird habit that gets them in a positive mindset and establishes their mode of operation for the day? 

Have you noticed this…? 

It seems like everyone and their mother’s dog is talking about how “HABITS are the key to your success” these days… 

First it was cold showers… 

Then it was Bulletproof coffee… 

Next it’ll be replacing your shampoo with bacon grease

Well, there’s good reason that habits have gotten so much attention recently. See… 

Habits are the bridge between 

what you think and what you do

And in the age of information…

… when ANYTHING you could EVER want to know is just a “Hey Siri!” away… 

… it has never been so needed, that we find constructive things to DO with all our information! 

And that’s where habits come in; 

They take the information in your head…

… and implant it in your daily doings. 

Because we all know that *doing* something trumps *thinking* something every time!  

Needless to say, I’m a BIG believer in changing your habits… and speaking of changing your habits… here’s one that has made a huge difference in my life: 

Cultivate this quick and simple habit, and you’ll

Start each day in thriving and overcoming mode, with your thoughts and expectations aligned with the posistive flow of life and syncronized with the heart and mind of God.

No, I didn’t pull this from some “top 10 success habits” blog post…

I live this; 

And it works. 

Right upon waking up in the morning, before you put your feet on the floor or roll out of bed, start thinking of everything, and I mean everything, for which you are thankful.  Express your thankfulness and gratitude to God and say thank you for every thing you can think of, no matter how big or small.  Be thankful for the new day, that you have a warm bed, that you are alive, or any possible thing that comes to your mind.  Turn your thoughts to thankfulness and and be thankful for the blessings and opportunities that are headed your way that day. End this “time of cultivating thanfulness,” by declaring,  ” I will rejoice and be glad in this day that God has made.” By implementing this practice, you are actually choosing, with your will, how you will approach and respond to your day.

You see…

Everyday has a mixture of difficulties and challenges along with blessings and opportunities. It is up to you to decide on which of these you will focus and turn your attention. The truth is, wherever you place your focus, that is the area you empower.

Cultivating Thankfuness Habbit.  It trains your mind to align and agree with the good things and positive posibilities of life. which exist in in the thoughts and intentions of God’s heart.

  You see…

The plans and intensions that exist in the heart of God are good.  Establishing this one small habbit, shifts your mindset to expect these good plans to unfold in your day.  As a result, you will begin to notice the goodness and the small blessings throughout your day .  Even if things go wrong you will respond positively to stress because you will be more aware of the goodness and the blessings than the stress.  

So try it out. 

. Are you Depressed?

. Are you prone to getting discouraged and overwhelmed?

. Do you dread the day?

Then this morning habbit is transformational for you!

Yes, it may seem (and feel) counter-intuitive at first. 

But after you really master it… I think you’ll find that it’s a great way to align with a positive flow … and establish a positive mindset that is eagerly anticipating goodness, instead of expecting things to go wrong. 

Talk soon,

P.S. If you found this helpful…  you might benefit from booking a  FREE strategy session with me. “What’s that?” It’s a 15 minute call where I’ll ask you questions… and help you identify your biggest internal obstacles and limitations, “bottlenecks,” and opportunities for growth. 

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The 5 Best Ways to Emotionally Detoxify And Renew Your Mind

Have you ever thought, “If only I could be exactly who I was created to be and do what I was created to do?”

If so, this might be the most important report you read all year..

Here’s why


I don’t know how to get past limitations that are holding me down, and holding me back…

I don’t know where to find the formula for living in freedom and abundance

I don’t want to continue to be plagued by past pain or fear and miss my calling and destiny…

I don’t want to stay stuck in a negative pattern of life…

If you can relate to any of that, then this special report is going to be life-changing for you.

“Detox” means simply this:

“A treatment or process designed to rid the body of poisonous substances.”

Did you know that negative thoughts, negative emotions, and negative beliefs are poisonous to you?

In this report you are going to discover the top 5 ways to recognize toxic lies and poisonous negative emotions that have congested your belief system, fast!

Before I unpack the specifics, I want you to consider for a moment, the results of doing nothing. Ignoring a problem, doesn’t make it go away. It makes the problem worse! How bad could it get? Well, if you ignore lies that continually produce negative emotions, these are the long-term results you are very likely to get: • • • • •

Your internal environment will be congested with mental and emotional toxicity • • • •

You will work your life around false beliefs

You will become and empower what you believe

You will never be able to thrive and live well

You will live beneath who you were created to be and forfeit the impact you were wired to have on the world

Join Me Next Week…

and lets look at the top 5 ways to know exactly who you were created to be so you can do exactly what you were created to do.

If you will apply these specificsteps you will soon be able to identify lies that have infiltrated your belief system, recognize the toxic emotions they have produced on the inside, and renew your mind.

Simple Treatments For Depression

There are many ways to treat depression. We all know the common treatments of medication and talk therapy. These treatments are helpful and necessary for many cases, especially for replenishing and balancing brain chemistry and having someone for support.


There are some simple treatments that also greatly help with depression and are simple, yet impactful.

3 Easy to Do Actions at Home

1. Exercise

it can be challenging to make yourself exercise when feeling depressed, but getting out just 15 minutes a day to walk or do some type of exercise relieves stress and increases energy levels. While you may feel tired and sluggish initially, it will revive and refresh you as you go. Keep this in mind so you can start, knowing that you will feel better in the process of exercising.

2. Grounding

There is scientific evidence that there are energetic currents under ground that are constantly resonating and and flowing through the earth. These natural energy currents are extremely healthy for us, and they are free, and so easy to utilize. All you do is walk barefoot on the ground for at least 10 minutes. It must be dirt, grass, or sand – no concrete or sidewalks. Your feet have many sensory points that absorb the earth’s natural energy currents. There have been so many studies about the health benefits of the earth’s energies and research shows that they balance and neutralize unhealthy subtle energies in the human body. if you want to know more, look up articles about grounding. You will be amazed at the health benefits of this easy action.

barefoot on the ground sloughs off negative ions and balances energy systems

3. Cultivate Thankfulness

this may sound way too easy and simple, but the results are astounding. Thankfulness actually raises your own internal energy patterns and shifts the brain into positive thought patterns. Thankfulness is not automatic, it is a choice and a conscious effort to take control of internal negativity and change it. Depression causes a negative expectation and negative outlook on life. After a while, this becomes a habit and your mind and thought patterns tune to negativity and it becomes the norm.. Thankfulness actually breaks the negative thinking and expectation habit. I suggest turning your mind to thankfulness just upon waking up in the morning. Right when your eyes open, start giving thanks for anything and everything that you can. For instance, you can give thanks that you have a warm bed, a roof over your head, that a new day has begun, etc…Any little thing you can think of to be thankful for, turn your thoughts and affections to that and be thankful. This morning habit will train your body and your brain to see and notice the good things and positive parts of life, however big or small they may be. This one simple treatment is extremely powerful. As thankfulness becomes ingrained as habit, the brain will start to think according to thankfulness automatically, and depressive thoughts are rerouted to positive thoughts. It’s the best way to start your day.

Thankfulness neutralizes negativity

Questions about Depression?

I am so excited to post my first ever video. I wanted to just try something new and let you see and hear from me in person. Please watch my short video below and get your questions about depression answered.

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