Hidden Keys for Living Well


Have you ever been in a situation where you had no idea what to do or how to get through it?

Well, the good news for you is that you are not the only one who has found themselves in such a situation.  

This is Life!

All human beings have a common life experience.  No matter how you grew up, how healthy the family dynamics may have been, or how much money you have, all human beings face difficult life circumstances.

Living this life is a journey of ups and downs and in-betweens.  This journey of life is full of adventure and inactivity, sadness and happiness, gains and losses, victories and defeats, ease and difficulty.

Living life successfully really has to do with how you walk through all the different experiences and gain something from each circumstance along the way.  Every person has the ability to learn, grow, and live a “rich” life if they use the right keys to walk through each door of adversity, difficulty, and challenge.  

If there were keys that would give you wisdom for living life, would you use them?  

Well, it turns out, there are keys that give you freedom and allow you to live well, regardless of your circumstances. These keys offer freedom from any hurt or hindrance and offer a way through when you don’t see a way.  There is always a way through any circumstance, it’s just a matter of discovering the right path.

The Prayer of my Heart!

I have sought out wisdom for life, and it has been a ten-year prayer of mine.  I have sought wisdom with a passion because I have met and counseled so many individuals that were not able to get through something and desperately needed solutions.  I too have had many times in my own life where I desperately needed solutions and strategies and I knew I did not have them. I was forced to look outside of myself and find answers that could help myself and my family, as well as others.

Fast Forward

Now, I love meeting with individuals in my holistic healing sessions and customizing formulas and strategies for their unique situations.  I find this very satisfying and life giving to be able to function as a life strategist for many who have been hurt, who feel hopeless, and are hindered.

What I Have Found

Through the years of walking through difficult circumstances with others, and contemplating the times in my own life where I have felt stuck, I have discovered some keys that fit every situation. There are 7 keys which ensure your way to freedom from negative life circumstances.  These keys exist for everyone and will open doors for you to get through the other side of adversity so you can thrive and live well.

The First Key to Freedom is Available!

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Is it Time For a Change?

 Change can be very difficult and most people don’t like the process of change. Our human nature is to stay comfortable and to maintain a sense of control.  When change happens we experience a major disruption

and nothing feels comfortable or in control.

A shifting season is very challenging to our minds and emotions and can be a very unpleasant experience.  However, change can be a really good thing, depending on your response to the changing process.

What is the best response for optimal outcome?

The ideal response is to be accepting of the change and embrace it, which always leads to positive growth and forward progress.  The negative response is to fight against change, to be unaccepting of the process of change, and to reject it. This negative response ultimately produces fear, frustration, and stops positive growth and forward progression.

Do you really want to stay stuck in a rut?

Hey, if things are changing and shifting for you personally or if it’s time for a necessary change, you might as well accept it and embrace it.  This mindset will only produce positive results. Who doesn’t want to experience personal growth and positive forward progress?

The blood moon, wolf moon, lunar eclipse that recently took place

My recent inconvenient life change

I personally just went through an annoying and inconvenient, yet glorious life change.  Our family home we had been renting just sold unexpectedly, without even being on the market.  My family was not expecting to have to move in the middle of the school year and it was quite a shock to suddenly uproot all six of us and scramble to find a new place to live. We were forced to make a quick decision and just get somewhere else fast.  Fortunately, my family has gotten quite used to change and to adapting to new situations. We uprooted and changed our entire life when we relocated from Colorado to California ten years ago. We experienced many subtle changes and shifts along the way as we underwent the process of starting everything over; new friends, schools, business, church, activities, and just getting settled and established in a new city.

 So, we just moved to a new house last Friday. It was pouring rain the entire weekend of our move and myself, my husband, and one of our daughters were all extremely sick. It was a brutal set of circumstances but we persevered through, knowing that our life, by design, is working out for our good.

So, where did we go?

I have to say, the house that we found, far exceeds what we could have asked for or imagined. A wonderful home perfectly timed for our transition came up that perfectly fits our family, our lifestyle, and our taste.  We got one of the best locations we could have asked for, one street off from our favorite beach where our kids can just walk out our front door and surf in one of their favorite spots.

Are you kidding me?

We had no idea that this sudden interruption, completely unexpected and totally inconvenient, would be the catalyst for our upgrade.

I personally love change and get excited when I sense a change coming.  To me, this is my God-given destiny moving me forward on my path and making necessary adjustments for ideal positioning and placement for my future.  

Do you want a life of adventure?

I would personally much rather live a life of adventure, discovery, accomplishments, and forward motion than a dull and monotonous life that was stagnant and never growing or changing.

One of my greatest desires is to help as many people as I can shift from just surviving to thriving.  I ultimately want everyone who is looking and hoping for answers, strategies, and solutions to their problems, to have the opportunity to get healed and live well.

Your Breakthrough is Necessary!

Your breakthrough opens the door for enormous amounts of other people to come through where you have just walked;    Making you a secret weapon and a powerful world impactor and influencer. This my friend, is what makes a world changer.

If you are wanting to be a world changer, it starts with a change on the inside of you.  When a significant positive change is evident in one person’s life, others are inspired and encouraged to also make necessary shifts and changes.  Positive individual changes and shifts produce better families, communities, cities, nations, and ultimately a better world.

I have learned a lot about myself through my seasons of transition and change.  One trait that I have discovered is that I am a change agent and love to exhort others through transition and change.  For me, this means that I also clear paths for others and help them develop clarity and vision for where they are headed.

If you are in a season of change or transition, or you are feeling like it is time for a positive change in your life and you are ready to transition out of old obsolete patterns and into new modes of thriving and living well, I want to make you an offer.

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I am so excited to share the keys that I have discovered and to use the keys to open this door with you and for you.

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How it works and what to expect

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Cheers to you all on your life’s journey and to many breakthroughs ahead!

Series Completion!Yay!

    The Truth About Trauma Overview

Though sorrow may last for the night, joy comes in the morning!


If you have been following my Truth About Trauma series, I am excited to announce that you are the first to complete this series.  It has been so enjoyable to get this info out in the open and I am hopeful that it has shed some light on this subject and provided some tips and actions that you can take to start healing from traumatic experiences.  

My greatest desire is to see as many people as I can overcome the hurts, hurdles and obstacles in their life that have hindered them from thriving.  I ultimately want everyone who is looking and hoping for answers, strategies, and solutions to their problems, to have the opportunity to get healed and live well.

Trauma – a deeply distressing or disturbing experience

Does this sound familiar?  You will know if you have experienced a trauma if you can look back to an exact point in time, and see that something changed in you and in your life after that experience.  If the life changing experience was a negative one that was deeply distressing, then there was trauma and the change in you and in your life was negative.

The Good News!

This chain of negativity that was set off by the trauma, can be changed and transformed!  The transformation is a positive one; one that will shift you and your life for good.

The Possibility!

It is possible to set off in a whole new direction of your life.  A positive direction shift will change that deeply distressing experience into the very catalyst for gaining new found strength,wisdom, and inspiration.  This enormous gain has the potential to enhance the quality of your life as well as others. You see, whatever you walk through in your life and overcome, you gain the wisdom and ability to be able help others and show them the way that you just came through.  You get to clear a path for others to follow who have experienced something similar.  Therefore, all that you went through wasn’t waisted. Your experience of survival and victory becomes something of high value and has the potential to have a powerful impact on others.  

Your Healing Breakthrough is Necessary!

Your healing breakthrough is a valuable and necessary step, which opens the door for enormous amounts of other people to come through;   Making you a secret weapon and a powerful world impactor and influencer. This my friend, is the formula for a world changer.

My Special Offer:  I am currently producing and packaging my first online mentorship program – Keys to the Royal Vault.  My online program will provide access to the royal vault of wisdom, formulas, strategies, solutions, and steps for your healing breakthrough.  The royal vault is a secret room that stores the wealth of life’s wisdom. But I want to be clear. This is not my vault and I do not own it. It is not easily accessible because it is hard to find and the door to it is difficult to open.  The reason why it is difficult to open the door to this vault, is because it takes a special set of keys to open.

I am so excited to share the keys that I have found and how to use the keys to open this door with you and for you.

How did I find these keys and learn how to use them?

I discovered them while on my own path of life;  walking through my own negative experiences, circumstances, and struggles and searching for answers and solutions to my questions.  I pressed on determined and resolved to find what I was seeking and to crack the code for myself, my family,my friends and my clients.  I nearly exhausted myself to find what I was seeking and what I knew in my heart was out there. Even though I wanted to give up many times and repeatedly felt defeated, I kept going so that I could understand how to thrive and live well and so that I could point the way and share these keys with as many potential world changers as possible.

Keys to the Royal Vault Online Mentorship Early Bird Special – 50% off the regular price

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Cheers to you all on your life’s journey and to many breakthroughs ahead!

Making the way through issues of life a little more clear

How Trauma Affects the Spirit – part 2

… And 4 Simple Powerful Steps in a New Direction

We are designed to function in wholeness – body, mind, and spirit. However, a trauma that completely overwhelms you at your core can leave you disassociated. The simple explanation is that your spirit has the unique ability to disconnect from the mind and body.

Wholeness? What Does this mean?

Wholeness is the body, mind, and spirit working together in harmony, fully connected and present.   

When disconnected for a long period of time, you are vulnerable and fragile. It is impossible for the body to function correctly or the subconscious mind to process efficiently while fragmented.   

The Human Spirit? What?

The human spirit, is the deepest part of your being; your core; the true authentic you.

Your spirit contains your true identity without the fears, doubts, and hindrances that exist in your mind.

What does your spirit do?

Your spirit loves. Your spirit connects with other people. Your spirit receives and experiences love.  Your spirit’s main function is to connect to God, the source of life.

What is your spirit like?

The human spirit is very soft and tender because of the enormous capacity it has to be loved and to love. This is the greatest quality, but also the greatest vulnerability.

What happens to the spirit under the impact of trauma?

The spirit responds naturally and automatically to major stress with the self- preserving act of dissociation.

Your spirit may dissociate, and remain disconnected until the overwhelming impact of the trauma has passed.  Your self-preserving spirit has the ability to remain “checked out,” until the mind and body are in a healthier state and have the bandwidth to begin to heal and restore.

Remember, the disconnected spirit separated from the fear, trauma, and internal stress triggered in the mind and body. Your spirit is preserved and stands by patiently to lead the recovery and rebuilding process

This ability of the human spirit to disconnect and “check out,” is one of the most incredible attributes of the human being.  I believe this is a God-given mechanism. We have been designed with hard wiring for making it through and overcoming adversity.

Amazing as this overcoming hard-wiring is, it can be exhausting and waring on the mind and body to live disconnected for too long.   

A principle of human design is, “whatever you don’t use, you lose.” For instance, if you injure a leg, and are not able to use that leg for a while, it will atrophy and become weak. A spirit that is inactive for a long time atrophy’s and becomes malnourished, and loses spiritual muscle and strength.

What a Conundrum!  

Strength and courage to face adversity and to triumph actually flow from the human spirit. If the spirit is disconnected, the flow of love, hope, faith, and strength are cut off. There is a break in the pipeline, so to speak and the dormant spirit is unable to release the ideal supply of life and strength to the rest of your being.

So, What to Do?

.  give your spirit permission to reconnect and be present. The good news is that you have the power, with an act of your will, to do this.   

.  Acknowledge, and welcome your spirit back with love.

. Care for your emaciated spirit and give it the care it needs.  

.  surround yourself with loving and supporting relationships.  Loving relationships can supplement the strength you don’t have on your own.

How to do it?

I have packaged the answer in 4 simple powerful steps:  These steps are most likely different than what you expect.  They are steps to take on the inside; steps that lead you away from paralyzing attitudes, defeating mindsets,  and the dread of negative expectations.

Personal statements are included. Declare them out loud over yourself.  The sound waves and resonance of your voice is a way to set the healing patterns of restoration and triumph in motion.

4 Simple Powerful Steps to Re-engage and Reactivate Your Spirit:

1) Desire – Swap out dread for desire.  When you truly feel the desire to heal and move forward then go for it. You don’t have to dread pain. Make the switch with a true desire to recover.

Statement – ” I desire to take the first step and move toward healing and recovery.”

2) Will – Utilize your free will to make a positive direction change.  Your own will has a powerful influence over yourself and the direction you take. Just being willing to move in the direction of healing and recovery, shifts you into healing mode on the inside, where your spirit can thrive.

Statement – “I am willing to move toward healing and recovery.”

3) Choose – This is when the miracle happens on the inside.  Everyone has the responsibility and the privilege of choosing to heal and move forward. Making this one positive decision to move forward transforms your inner atmosphere into an ideal place for your spirit to re-engage, reactive, and take the lead for your healing process. Your spirit is eager to rise to this occasion.

Statement – ” I chose today, to move forward, to heal, and to recover.”

4) Pray – Prayer exercises your spirit and quickly gets builds it back up.

Prayer – “I ask that the love, life, and light of God flow to every area of my mind and body that were traumatized, strengthen and nurture my emaciated and spirit that has been inactive and disconnected, and fully reconnect my spirit.

Your internal environment is now ideal for the spirit to return and reconnect.  You may experience noticeable changes. A person functioning in wholeness will be able to face and get through the healing and recovery process and come out the other side of adversity because they will have what it takes.

Please leave your comments and let me know your experiences with taking these steps.  I love to hear about anything healing related. My hope and prayer is to help as many people as possible heal and live well.

How Trauma Affects the Spirit – part 1

Do you know about the amazing ability of the human spirit to “check out”?

I was enjoying my Christmas break, during my senior year of college and I was on vacation with a group of friends. I was having one of the best experiences in my life and fully enjoying every moment. Halfway through my trip, I got a phone call from my mom. I don’t have an explanation for this, but when the phone rang in my hotel room, I knew something was wrong and the call was bad news. I picked up the phone, with my heart beating out of my chest, and I heard my mom’s voice on the line. My mom went straight to the point and said, “Holly, Heather died yesterday.” I sat there for a moment, confused about her statement and unable to comprehend what she said. “What do you mean,?” I replied. My mom repeated it again with a little more detail. She explained that Heather had been killed in a car accident. Heather was my best friend and I had just seen her bright and full of life, right before I left for my vacation. This news was like getting hit from behind with a baseball bat out of nowhere and I didn’t know what just hit me. At the same time, I felt like I was in a dream. I could hear my mom speaking but felt like I was out of my body watching this scene from afar and it wasn’t really happening to me. This news was in stark contrast to what I was feeling moments before I got the phone call. I was in the middle of one of the most memorable and positive experiences of my life. I couldn’t fit both of these polar opposite experiences into my being, so I choked back the devastation of my friend’s death, and all emotions that correlated, and decided to finish my vacation and avoid facing the reality of what had happened. The truth is, I hung up the phone after hearing the bad news from my mom, and I felt nothing. I was numb and emotionless. I had nowhere to put such devastating information, and it was like my heart and my brain could not take it in. It was too overwhelming, and shocking, and I hadn’t the slightest clue how to handle this or how I could let it be real.

It turns out, that this is a common reaction to trauma. Most people do feel numb and emotionless, after trauma and may have a sort of “out of body” experience. I now know that this sensation is a disconnection occurring, between the body, mind, and spirit.

The human spirit has the unique ability to disconnect from an overwhelmed mind and body.

The human spirit has the ability to disconnect and check out when the internal state of a person is negatively altered. If the body goes into stress mode and the mind goes into fear mode, the whole internal state is transformed into a dysfunctional container of negative vibrations, thoughts, emotions, and images. The human spirit does not function in such an environment. It can preserve its own atmosphere separated from the mind and body and wait. The good news is, the spirit escapes the negativity going on in the mind and body. The spirit will wait until the traumatized mind and body are ready and willing to begin the healing process. The downside is that the spirit becomes inactive and weakens from lack of use. If this goes on for too long, you can only function as a weak, fragile, fragmented person, instead of a whole complete being.

. The strange sensation of feeling outside of your body

. like watching a scene that does not seem real

Can you relate?

You may have had a different set of circumstances, but if you have experienced any kind of sudden shocking trauma, most likely you know what I mean. It feels somewhat like a dream, a little disorienting, and numb, all at the same time.

If you can relate to this “out of body,” experience, there is good news. Your spirit can be encouraged to come back into the present, and reconnect, in its proper place and function. Your internal environment just needs to undergo a slight change.

Transformation must occur internally!

The steps for transforming your internal state into the optimal healing and welcoming environment for your spirit to reactivate, reconnect, and function again are simple, yet profoundly effective! 

Join me next week as I reveal the 4 steps to transform your internal state into the ideal environment for healing breakthrough and engage your spirit to lead this beautiful process.

4 Simple, Powerful Steps