My Story

I was a certified counselor for eight years and noticed many people seemed to struggle  for years, with the same issues, and experienced very little improvement in their lives. I also pursued training in healing prayer and ministry training, and combined both of these areas into an impactful ministry.

However, I still felt unsatisfied and that  something else was missing.

Believing for something more, and discontent with the small results,  I began praying and asking God for more effective ways to help people heal and experience freedom from their pasts.

I was raised in a loving family and had, what some would say,  an ideal childhood, yet I struggled with insecurities and negative beliefs about my value and significance. Constantly holding back what was truly inside, worried about what others were thinking of me, and fear of making mistakes kept me bound in limitation.

Compelled by the desire to be completely free from these hindrances in my life, and to find ways to help others heal and experience true freedom, I began searching for the best modalities for healing, personal growth, and development. I continued my prayer for help, to bring a greater level of healing, deliverance, and freedom to others, for ten years.

My prayers were answered when I came across some scientific studies and articles about quantum mechanics and physics in the body, and the effects of negativity on health. I began studying quantum physics in detail and taking online courses to learn more.

I believe that I was led to discover energy based therapy methods and to understand the field of energetic medicine.  

I started trying the techniques I learned on myself and my family and was amazed at the results in a short amount of time. I drew up the courage to ask some of the people coming to me for ministry, if I could try some bioenergetic techniques on them.  They gladly agreed and were also stunned at the results and the amazingly short amount of time it took to identify root issues. These same underlying issues would have taken months or years to address and even more regular follow up sessions to maintain any amount of improvement.

I believe that energy based medicine is the wave of the future and that this field of medicine was an answer to my ten year prayer. I believe techniques that lead a person into being set free, healed, and restored, are from God, and I am excited to share them with as many people as possible.

I have had a compelling compassion for others with brokenness and pain, and a burden to pursue healing for myself and others, for as long as I can remember. I have this vision in my heart, of masses of people walking in their true identities,  and free to operate in their true capability and capacity with which they were designed.

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