My Favorite Health Products For Immune Support

My Secret Obsession

I have to be honest, about 10 yrs ago I became obsessed with health products. I started researching, studying, learning about them, and testing and trying every new supposedly life changing supplements and products. I have spent way too much money, stayed up way too late many a night reading and studying the latest products, and have personally tried and tested just about every high quality supplement and products out there.

I did not do this because I was interested in selling these products, getting involved in the supplement industry, or because this was my area of expertise. I invested my time, money, energy, and used my own body as a trial because:

  1. I wanted to keep my family healthy and take a preventative stance against health problems
  2. I believed natural health remedies were trustworthy
  3. We had terrible health coverage that did not cover much except for catastrphoc incidents and so we NEVER went to the Dr.
  4. I just love finding solutions and natural health alternatives
  5. I wanted to prevent diseases, disorders, and keep our bodies as strong as possible
  6. I wanted to be able to recommend supplements and products to my clients. Often depression, anxiety, and emotional issues have a physiological component and nutritional deficiencies can be a factor. Resupplying the the body with the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrition can have a positive affect on mental and emotional issues

So Where Did This Path Take Me?

So, now I have quite an extensive list of natural supplements, powders, products, essential oils, and natural remedies for just about any health issue or condition that exists.

I constantly suggest them to friends, family members, and clients. In fact, I have annoyed my own family by always talking about the latest alternative health product that I just recently discovered.

So, I Have to Share My Insight!

About a year ago, I ordered a bundle of Shaklee products. My daughter was having some stomach issues and an alternative health practitioner that I took her to, tested her for deficiencies and found out that she was defficient in some key nutrients. She also tested my daughter for which supplements would work the best for her, and my daughter tested positive for Shaklee vitamin B. My health practitioner suggested several different Shaklee supplements that we ordered and began using right away. Within 1 week, my daughter’s stomach issues disappeared, and I started taking the supplements as well. I ended up also purchasing their natural cleaning products and laundry detergent because my other daughter had a lot of allergies and I read that toxic cleaners and laundry soap can worsen allergies because they overload the immune system.

My family started taking the Shaklee chewable vitamin C’s and the multi-vitamins for men and women about a year ago. I was so thankful that we already had these at home when the world wide virus hit because Shaklee ran out pretty fast.

I do not sell Shaklee, but I am on the mailing list and have tried and researched a lot of their products. I was so excited when I recently received an email about their backordered products that would be available soo. I did not realize that Shaklee had disinfecting wipes and germicide spray. I have not been able to find any kind of wipes or disinfecting spray anywhere, not even on Amazon. I have been reluctant to even try to buy the common cleaning wipes that are available in the stores because of their toxicity. The toxic chemicals that are in the common cleaning wipes, while they do kill germs and bacteria acutally weaken the immune system. That is the last thing we need right now, to be locked inside our houses with toxic chemicals on all of our surfaces and floors.

I Was So Excited!

So, I will be ordering Shaklee’s cleaning wipes and their disinfecting spray. I am so thankful to find these. I also want to convey the importance of taking a Vitamin C for immune system support, but not just any Vitamin C. It has to be a high quality one with natural, organic ingredients, that have never been exposed to any toxins. Shaklee is trustworthy and guarantees their supplements to be in purest form.

The Email From Shaklee – Just Had to Share

Dear Shaklee family,

I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well and able to enjoy the beauty of Spring outdoors.

Social distancing is a sacrifice of care, especially for the more vulnerable, and to everyone who is complying, thank you!  

It’s especially important to build health and fortify ourselves now with good diet and lifestyle choices.  Many of you are doing that, I’m sure. It is evident from our backorder situation.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. Demand has been unprecedented due to COVID-19.

Below is a list that shows availability dates for backordered products and at risk items. Shaklee is ramping up production to make these quality items available. Our shipping facility hours have been expanded and we have hired more employees to catch up with the demand while ensuring employee safety. Thank you for your patience, as your shipments might be delayed two or three days. We expect to have everything all caught up by the end of April.

I recommend putting in your order now to place yourself in line to get Shaklee’s powerful immunity support and disinfecting and cleaning products shipped to you as soon as they are available.  Basic G is CDC-approved to be effective against COVID-19.

At this time there is a limit of 10 per month per account for products that are essential to this crisis to ensure everyone gets a supply. If your order does not go through, lowering the quantity might do the trick.


  • Basic-H® 5-Gallon #00042 – Availability is expected 4/3/20.
  • Basic-G® Germicide Spray Bottle #50531 – Availability is expected 4/15/20.
  • Germ Off Disinfectant Wipes #00322 – Availability is expected 4/16/20.
  • Defend & Resist Complex #20613 – Availability is expected 4/17/20.
  • NutriFeron® #20962 – Availability is expected 4/17/20.
  • Zinc Complex #20411 – Availability is expected 4/28/20.
  • Garlic Complex #20084 – Availability is expected 4/30/20.
  • Chewable Vita-C® #20096 – Availability is expected 5/22/20.
  • Immunity Formula I #20241 – Availability is expected 5/29/20.
  • Basic-G® Germicide #00525 – Availability is expected 5/29/20.

I have shared the link below. Get your order in now to make sure you are taking preventative actions, reducing exposure to toxins, and get safe and natural cleaning products that are proven to kill COVD-19

Stay healthy, safe, and utilize this pause well.