I have worked personally with Holly and it was powerful! It was a beautiful, life-changing journey of healing from past traumas and stepping into freedom to function as a whole person. Her methods are new and positively affect the body, mind, and spirit. If you want to gain deep insight and heal from personal trauma or want someone you care about to overcome past hurt, I highly recommend scheduling a healing session with Holly. I pray that you take this beautiful, life changing journey. May God bless you and transform you into the whole person that He made you to be.

Chynna Phillips singer, songwriter, actor, mom

I worked with Holly for 3 years during a very difficult time. I had anxiety and post-traumatic stress, multiple physical health issues, and was experiencing continuous struggles mentally, emotionally, and physically.
She was really helpful, humble, loving, and had a caring attitude. The techniques she used were new and very helpful and were based on our body’s reaction for what is happening on the inside. She helped change my mental and emotional condition and cancel negative patterns and mindsets from the past.

retired business owner

I had tried western medicine and alternative medicine for treatment of extreme food sensitivities and physical issues. My health improved a little and there was some relief from the food sensitivities after undergoing alternative treatment. However, there was still some food issues and I was unable to eat most normal food. A friend recommended I go to Holly and just see if there was an emotional component to this food problem and encouraged me to explore mental and emotional treatment. In my sessions with Holly we uncovered that I had a major fear of food and a lot of past trauma that was causing a very negative association to food. After I saw Holly I felt challenged for a few days, but I continued to implement the strategies for reprogramming my thoughts and beliefs and standing in victory. All of a sudden, the fear was gone. I started eating things that I normally would have reacted to and I didn’t react. It was almost like the fear of food was keeping me sick. It was working with the mind-body connection that I actually got well.

Business Owner