The #1 FActor that Detrmines Whether or Not You will Get sick

If the Corona Virus scare is motivating you to focus on keeping your immune system strong and healthy, then you are going to want to hear what I have to share.

The bottom line is this;

washing hands, sneezing into your arm, loading up on hand sanitizer, vitamin C, and deciding to do the fist bump instead of shaking hands, helps to reduce the spreading of germs and helps to some degree. However, the real determining factor as to who contracts a virus and who does not is something completely different. The real issue with the human immune system may surprise you.

The truth is, our immune system is more complex, more intelligent, and runs more efficiently than any computer that has or ever will exist. It is more than capable of fighting germs and eradicating viruses when it is working correctly. Getting a virus, has more to do with whether or not your immune system is working correctly or has malfunctioned. Whenever you get sick, it is because your immune system has been compromised and a malfunction of some sort has taken place. It is impossible to get sick when your immune system is working correctly. The immune system will attack and eliminate viruses and bacteria perfectly, when it is healthy and working the way it was designed to work.

Your body was incredibly designed to handle toxins, germs, viruses, bacterias, and to protect you by eliminating these intruders quickly.

So, What Causes Our Immune System to Malfunction?

Well, the #1 contributor to a compromised immune system is internal distress!

Yes, this means that people carrying internal distress will have a compromised, weaker immune system and are more likely to get a virus than others.

This is Great News!

Why is this great news? Because if we know this, we can do something about it. All we need to do is discover ways to remove, release, clear, and eliminate internal distress and our immune system will recover and work the way it was designed to work! Without internal distress, the immune system can perform its tasks at full throttle and work perfectly.

So, What Causes Internal Distress?

Here are some of the sources of internal distress that when identified, can easily be removed or simply changed and will allow your body to move back into health mode.

Causes of Internal Distress:

  1. Negative thoughts
  2. Negative emotions
  3. Fear
  4. Discouragement
  5. Unforgiveness
  6. Believing Lies About Yourself
  7. Believing Lies About God
  8. Unresolved Hurt

These are a few from a long list of internal distress contributors that have a profoundly negative effect on the immune system. When these are addressed, released, and your internal atmosphere changes for the better, your entire being is relieved of its overload of negativity and the immune system is free to repair, strengthen, and restore its function of protecting you and keeping viruses from intruding on your body.

I just had to share this right now, and want everybody to not only take their external cleansing and sterilization seriously, but it is more important to cleanse your internal atmosphere so that you are not overloading yourself with mental and emotional toxins that ultimately weaken and compromise your health.

If you would like help releasing internal distress and detoxifying emotionally, I use alternative methods for this and have starting an online service where I can actually coach you through this process over the phone through a 30 minute phone session.

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